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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A quick story on dust bunnies…

During our rushed morning routine, I quickly slammed my closet door shut, grabbing the wet towel beneath my bed to hang up, prior to leaving the house for school drop offs.

And then it happened.

The tip of the towel landed on the top of my clothing armoire and a blanket of dust bunnies came storming down on my head. An obvious sign that the top of my cupboard had gone without dusting for nearly two years.

My first thought, was, “this is gross, dust is made up of old, dead skin cells, and now I have to change my shirt”. And my second thought was, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. My mind raced to the second thought, because I had just recently come upon the last bit of transition from one chapter of my life to another. Granted, the process has taken close to five years, but I can literally see myself blossoming into the new chapter. I’m page flipping to the next, with learned lessons in hand.

The book I wrote, encompassed the lessons I learned along the way. And the result of writing the book, was a sparkly, new me. Ultimately, the entire experiment left me shedding unwanted cells, apart of myself that I didn’t need anymore. And as I move forward with my new version, and new being, I’m ready to build new stories and new cells.

The dust-covered episode this morning made me see how simple the process of “shedding” an old identity can be (and liberating, for that matter). Instead of thinking of change as a disruption or annoyance, you could think of it as a fun and new arena to build new cells and layers of yourself. Once you put your thoughts in order of priority and importance, they then become actions, forming new layers of life within you.

So think about your own ashes to ashes, dust to dust moments in your life. What part of yourself do you no longer need? What can you change and shed to become lighter and happier? What do you want in your next chapter of life? What new cells do you need to start thinking about, to build, take shape and form?

Remember to fill up those new spaces with things you love, because once we die, our spirit lives on, but our human body is left in a small pile of disintegrated dust. We are just ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. That’s it, folks.

It’s the now and here which is important. Stop waiting for tomorrow to shed what you need to let go of today.

Oh, and about those dust bunnies. I bet you’re dying to hear more about them. I threw my shirt in the wash, admired my dusted shelf, and ran out of the door to deliver my little monkeys to school. I plan not to see those dust bunnies for another two years. I mean, I have monkeys to worry about, not bunnies. And honestly, who has the time to clean the top of a clothing armoire???

Until next time, S.

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