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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Today, I woke up in a frump. I’m starting to lose track of the days in the monotony of it all. So are my boys. I’m about to enter my third week of chaos—working the corporate gig from home, providing school resources for the kids, and parenting them, solely, while my husband still fortunately can work. Some aren’t as lucky as us, I hear ya.

But even though I know we are lucky, it’s still tough, and I’m not going to lie to you. It’s hard to stay positive through this all. But, in the same breath, it’s a necessity. And here’s why.


I was fighting to give you this message today, because I wanted to give this time to my kids. I wanted to be present for them. As I fought the internal battle within my headgo write. No, don’t, go play Jenga—a tune started playing in my head and I turned around to see the sequence number, 222, on my stove.

I smiled. And I went down to write. Hello, Spirit Guides…

The song in my head that played was “What the World Needs Now, is Love Sweet Love”. I didn’t need another confirmation from the other side to tell me I needed to give this message to you. This is from them, whoever that may be. I feel it my duty to relay the message and send some assistance to those you might need an extra pick me up today (or tomorrow).


What I want you to do, is exactly what I did:






You can wallow in what’s been handed to you or you can know in your heart of hearts that this is short-term. You can turn your “Have To’s” into “Get To’s”. And you can do that today. You can say the following:

1) Today, I get to wake up.

2) Today, I get to breath.

3) Today, I get to see my kids, alive and well.

4) Today, I get to eat food in my fridge.

5) Today, I get to take a warm bath if I need a time out to recharge.

6) Today, I get to spend more time with my kids than I used to.

7) Today, I get to be resourceful to find ways to entertain my kids.

8) Today, I get to reach out to family and friends in new ways (Skype, Messenger, FaceTime).

9) Today, I get to contact my nieces and nephews, who I don’t usually have time for.

10) Today, I get to eat a meal together with my family, usually a rare occurrence.

11) Today, I get to waste and spend less than I’m used to.

12) Today, I get to walk outside and take in fresh air. (If you’re not self-isolating. If you are, soon, my dear, soon!)

We still have a lot of “Get-To’s” to be thankful for. And the list could go on. Those are just the ones at the top of my head.

So, turn up the tunes today and think about all of your own “Get-To’s”. Turn on the song that was in my head and share some love today. Rocking out to a good tune is the fastest way to turn up your vibration and energy. It’s magic. And we could all use a little magic right now, couldn’t we?

For now, turn your frown upside down and carry on, my friend. This can’t last forever, I hope, haha. I miss people…(And that’s coming from an introvert.)

Until Next Time,


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