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Another Year Around the Sun…

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Now, before I break into the wine bottle too much, I must write a thank you message, to you, my friend. I waited patiently all day to read my phone and Facebook messages to be fully present during my birthday. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t what I originally planned for my “big day”, but it may have turned out a little bit better. I changed my lens around what my birthday should look like, and made lemonade instead.

If you’ve followed me over the last year, it should be no surprise to you, that I arrived. I became. I uncovered my true self. And I wrote a book to tell about it. How many can say that? I went beyond my comfort level, my grammar and writing skills, and learned how to do it for you. I wanted to tell the entire world what I’ve learned over the past five years. I spent a crazy amount of money on holistic healing sessions and wanted to give you the information for free. I wanted the world to breathe easier, because I had set foot on this Earth.

The classic “Birthday Day” makes you look at what you’ve learned over the past year. It makes you look at what you may have wanted to change. To be honest, I was too busy changing, upgrading, and evolving myself to regret a single thing. But here’s what I did learn over the last year:

1) I arrived this year. I uncovered my mask. But I did not stop growing, I’ve just started. I am becoming, every day. And I’ll continue to do so until the day I die. I do not need a special day to celebrate a year gone by. I now celebrate every day, because I know that our days are not promised. And they are quite short, even if we are promised a long life. In the words of my Aunt Adel, I took to heart her saying, “Celebrate All Days, and not just the special ones…”. Today is no different.

2) I’ve learned that showing your true self can be a liberating experience. When I turned on my weirdo light, the right people in my life showed up. The “others” left, and I was okay with that. Other weirdos that matched my vibration stayed, and I automatically had the right people in my life, every day. I learned it’s more important to have fewer friends, than many.

3) I’ve learned that life will not always be good. It will not always be fair. Sometimes, it will hurt. I also learned that sometimes it will be amazing. It is in those times that you should be really present, because those moments are sometimes fleeting, so enjoy them in real time when you can.

4) I’ve learned to give out my strengths when I’m at a “high” in life. I learned to accept help when I’m at a “low”. I’m at an all time high, and writing all of my lessons into a book. But I might not always be this high. Low times in life will happen to further evolve me. And when they happen, I now have more resilience to lean on, but I also have more acceptance of allowing others into my life to hold me up when I start to lean.

5) I’ve learned that luck does not exist, doors do. And if you really want something in life, you’ll keep knocking until one opens up. That’s how doors work. Winners fail, until they succeed. I now consider myself a winner in all aspects of my life. Even if I’m not winning, I know in time, I will.

6) I’ve also learned that true gifts are not monetary, and today exemplifies that lesson. No one had the opportunity to grab a gift from the city, or even visit if they wanted to. But I received numerous calls, presents at my doorstep, and words instead. I dedicated an entire chapter in my book to what entails a true gift (seriously, you have to read this thing…), and a true gift is one that changes your heart. It’s one that makes you happy and makes you want to be a better person.

7) And finally, I’ve learned this year, one of the most important things in my life. I’ve learned that the only thing permanent in this life, is love. Love will live on after someone passes, love will live one after someone leaves or moves on. Love is all there is. And in all possible situations, especially with Covid19, I choose Love over Fear.

So, thank you for all of your messages. I appreciate them all. I appreciate all of the special people in my life. I appreciate the freedom I have to write my words. Oh, how I do love to write… I appreciate My Mike, My Bentley, and My Weston. I especially appreciate my editor, Talena, right now, she is amazing. I appreciate everything in life that are Get-To’s, and not Have-To’s. The need for less, often results in more, now doesn’t it?

If you are one of my people, you are likely reading this blog. You’ve likely read some of my others. You’ll likely buy my book to support me. So, thank you, for being in my life. Thank you for being my pillar when I needed someone to lean against. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a part of my amazing life.



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